WUBEN C2 Bright and portable, high value, the flashlight is the choice of this new product C2

Bright and portable, high value, the flashlight is the choice of this new product C2

  At the end of 2021, Wuben WUBEN launched a new 21700 specification portable straight torch, with 2000 lumens of high brightness, hard-line design, portable size, and convenient operation, positioned as an outdoor multi-function flashlight.


  The main function of the flashlight is lighting. C2 has a luminous flux of 2000 lumens, and it is a remote-shooting flashlight with clear and precise directivity. Whether it is fixed-point lighting or rescue search, it is a practical lighting tool.



  Moreover, C2 also has a discharge function, just like a large-capacity power bank, which can power and charge other electronic devices at any time, and can also reduce the burden of outdoor travel. It is really the best of both worlds.



  Without further ado, let me take a look at the specific performance characteristics of C2.



High value, hardcore and portable



  Recently, Wuben has taken a brand new hard line. The design of the flashlight is handsome and tough, with light weight, high strength, fast heat dissipation and corrosion resistance. Aluminum alloy is used as the barrel material. , to further improve the surface hardness and wear resistance, to meet the characteristics of outdoor use.



  The accessories of C2 also meet the requirements of ready-to-use, including: a C2 flashlight body, a stainless steel holding clip, a 21700 original battery, an AC charging cable, two spare sealing rings, and a double instruction manual.



  The weight of the empty cylinder of C2 is only 107 grams, and the weight with an original 21700 battery is only 188 grams, which fully conforms to the lightweight characteristics of EDC.



  As a tool for daily use, C2 also has a relatively small size. The length of the barrel is only 128.6mm. Except for the lamp neck, the whole body is generally thick and thin, with a diameter of about 29mm. The largest cross-sectional diameter of the lamp neck is about 32.1mm. Hand can be easily carried and operated, very convenient.



  At first glance, Wuben C2 has a tough and atmospheric shape, and the overall layers are distinct and not too complicated. The radial and axial anti-skid patterns of the barrel are uneven, which has a good feel, and can also take into account ventilation and heat dissipation. The trademark of the laser engraved Wuben WUBEN and the C2 model are clear, and it is still a familiar family style.



  The stainless steel clip of C2 is also wide and rough, with moderate elasticity and wide angle of attack. The end of the clip is flush with the tail cover. If it is held inward, it can just completely block the barrel, which not only realizes the function of concealed carrying, but also is flexible It is also very convenient to adjust the position.



  The tail of C2 is flat, and it can be used with diffusers and traffic cones to expand practical functions. There is a hand rope hole on the side of the tail cover, which can be matched with the hand rope to prevent it from falling unintentionally during use. In fact, the C2 has a 1-meter drop resistance. At most, the appearance is a little damaged, but the function will not be damaged.



  The thickest part of the cylinder wall of C2 reaches 3mm, and the strong body is very strong and durable. The design of the end face is conductive, and the tail cover can be slightly loosened to achieve complete power off, and there is no fear of accidental touch opening. The negative electrode adopts a thicker gold-plated tower spring, which can reduce the internal resistance of the circuit and avoid oxidation for a long time.



  The positive electrode is made of single-circle gold-plated copper wire for conduction. The C2 comes standard with a 4800mAh 21700 battery with a protective plate. The flat-head battery can also be used normally, which further expands the ration of the C2. Bring a few more batteries when you go out, and you can sit back and relax.



High brightness, no trace at night



  C2 uses a luminus SST40 lamp bead as the light-emitting element. The color temperature of positive white light is 6500K, which is close to the color temperature of noon sunlight. The maximum luminous flux reaches 2000 lumens, which can bring clear lighting effects.



  C2 is a straight-tube flashlight. It uses an aluminum alloy glossy reflector. The glossy reflector is characterized by better light-gathering ability and more emphasis on long-range shooting ability. With the lamp beads with jelly, it can achieve a wide-ranging lighting effect.



  The lamp head adopts a piece of optical glass with double-sided anti-reflection coating, which can further improve the transmittance of light and better release the lighting effect of the flashlight.



  A little farther away, you can shoot the effect of a cup of yellow water. This is the actual light path of the light cup, which can completely project the yellow color projection of the main lamp bead. Comes with comfortable lighting.



  Wuben uses a mature constant current dimming drive circuit, C2 is always bright without stroboscopic, long-term use will not feel sore eyes, which is conducive to protecting eyesight. I especially like the 5-lumen minimum brightness, which doesn’t feel too dazzling when turned on at night.



  From the point of view of the spot party, the spot of the C2 against the wall has indeed reached a perfect circle, and there is basically no color cheating. The brightness difference between the main and auxiliary light spots is large, and they are all circles with uniform brightness. The internal brightness of the auxiliary light spots is uniform and has a clear boundary with the environment, which is in line with the characteristics of the spotlight flashlight.



  The obvious spotlight effect can also be seen from the effect of the tube light column. The central main light cone has high brightness and uniformity, has a clear boundary, and diverges with a taper of about 3°. The brightness of the secondary light cone is low, and the light cone opening near the lamp head diverges at an angle of about 100°.



  When the power is off or in a dark environment, you can see the surrounding environment clearly by turning on the low-light gear of C2, ensuring the safety of your steps. C2 is a convenient and portable EDC lighting tool.



  Judging from the effect of outdoor use, C2 also has the characteristics of concentrating flashlight. The farthest irradiation distance is about 350 meters. A circular lighting area is formed in front of the light. The internal brightness is uniform, and the opposite hill 200 meters away can be seen clearly. Chu, it is more suitable for fixed-point lighting or precise search and positioning, and it is very practical.



  From the perspective of actual outdoor use, the central brightness of C2 is high, which can be illuminated far, and the lateral extension range of the secondary light spot to the left and right is also large, which can illuminate wide, ensuring a good range of vision and field of vision, no matter ordinary people. Outdoor activities are still the needs of professionals, and C2 can do it well.



  Using this lighting effect, the C2 can be used as a handheld high-brightness searchlight tool, with a clear center point and a wide range around it. The luminous flux of 2000 lumens is enough to illuminate the night and achieve the desired lighting effect.



Side switch, easier to operate



  C2 is a side switch flashlight. The design style of the switch also has obvious characteristics of the Wuben family. The transparent plastic cap of W can not only show the brand, but also a window for the indicator light.



  The switch integrates red and blue bi-color battery indicator, blue on – battery > 90%, blue flashing – battery > 40%, red on – battery > 15%, red flash – battery < 15%, need to be as soon as possible Charge. At the same time, three clicks of the switch can also turn on the breathing light function, which is convenient for finding the position of C2 in the dark.



  The switch is set on the top side of the lamp head, the outer ring is made of a metal primary color pressure ring, the button rubber cap feels comfortable and non-slip, the switch elasticity maintains a good hardness and feel, and it is very easy to use.



  In order to improve the identification of hand touch, the switch rubber cap has a large arc to highlight the surface of the lamp neck. The switch trigger key travel is about 2mm, with clear sound and tactile feedback.



  The position of the switch is indeed just right. C2 itself has a long barrel. After holding the barrel, the position of the thumb can naturally fall near the switch. Through the plane of the lamp neck and the touch of the rubber cap, it is very convenient to blindly find the switch and connect it. operate.



  In the off state, long press the switch to turn on the Eco energy-saving gear of C2. The brightness of 5 lumens is very soft for indoor use and will not be dazzling. It is suitable for use at night and will not disturb children and family members.



  C2 has 5 always-on gears to choose from, click the switch to turn on the memory gear lighting, press and hold the switch to switch gears, and change in ascending order to save energy 5lm—low light 130lm—medium light 400lm—high light 1200lm—energy saving 5lm Block, the extremely bright 2000lm is not within the normal gear cycle, press the switch again to turn off the lighting.



  If you want to turn on the extremely bright gear, you need to quickly press the switch twice in the power-on state, and press the switch again to turn off the flashlight. If you press the switch for a long time, it will enter the energy-saving gear and continue to cycle.



  In order to respond quickly, press the switch twice in the shutdown or extremely bright gear, and C2 will enter the strobe gear of 1200lm, which can indeed play a good defense effect at the critical moment; press the switch twice again to enter the SOS of 200lm mode; click the switch again to exit blink mode.



  The side switch flashlight is easy to be turned on by mistake. In the off state, quickly press the switch 4 times, the main light flashes 3 times, and C2 enters the locked state, and the switch does not work at this time. If you need to unlock it, just press the switch 4 times quickly again.



Dual interface, fast charge and discharge



  As mentioned earlier, C2 also has the function of power bank. On the neck of the lamp, opposite to the switch, is the charging and discharging port blocked by the rubber cap, including a C port (input/output) and a A port (output), which can supply power to various electrical devices.



  C2 discharges externally, supports 5V2A standard fast charging, plus two mainstream discharge ports on the market, you can take one less power bank when you go out, which reduces the burden, and it is very convenient for one thing to be used for two purposes.



  When plugged in, the C2’s own charging is also close to the level of 5V2A, and the charging power reaches 8.6 watts. The red indicator light on the switch during charging lights up, and the fully charged turns blue, indicating a clear indication.



  As a flashlight for outdoor use, C2 can be used in various harsh environmental conditions. It has the highest dustproof and waterproof rating of IP68 electronic products, and can be used with confidence in various outdoor weather conditions.



High performance for the job



  To actually test the performance of C2, the room temperature is about 23.8 ℃, the lamp head is about 50 cm away from the illuminometer, and the two-channel thermocouple is connected to the lamp head and the barrel to measure the temperature, and the computer automatically draws the picture.



  The five constant-brightness gears of C2 correspond to the illuminance as shown in the figure below. It can be seen that the gradation distribution of the illuminance is relatively uniform and can adapt to different use environments. In addition, the illuminance data value is very high, and the extremely bright gear is close to 230,000 Lux, indicating that the central light intensity is high and the light-gathering performance is good.



  After C2 is turned on at 2000lm, it starts to downshift in about 25 seconds to a brightness between mid-range 400lm and high-end 1200lm. Since then, the circuit has maintained horizontal output and has good constant current characteristics.



  In the middle of the battery life, the C2 can turn on the extremely bright gear lighting at any time, which can meet the needs of extreme outdoor use. As the battery power and voltage decrease, the brightness of the extreme bright gear will gradually decrease. In general, the battery life of C2 with the extremely bright gear turned on is 3 hours.



  When the LED emits light, it will generate a lot of heat. C2 has 4 deep cooling grooves on both sides of the lamp neck, which can increase the contact area with the air. Flow cooling.



  From the test situation, in the first 10 minutes, I turned on the extremely bright gear twice. The temperature change trend of the lamp head is consistent with the illuminance line. The temperature is about 48.6 ℃, and the temperature is well controlled, which is beneficial to avoid overheating and light decay of the lamp beads for a long time.



  After testing for about 30 minutes, when the heat dissipation is close to the equilibrium state, the temperature of the surface of the lamp head is still only 48.6 ℃, and the barrel body is 43.9 ℃. It is hot to touch, but it can still be touched for a long time without burning. In the case of good outdoor ventilation, the temperature should be lower and it can be used continuously by hand.



Good tool, no need to worry about running out



  The C2 flashlight launched by Wuben has made a reasonable design for performance, tough and atmospheric appearance, compact and portable size, flexible operation logic, simple and practical gear, sufficient brightness, long battery life, good temperature Control, professionalism, functionality, and practicality are remarkable, and it is a good outdoor lighting equipment.



  At the foot of the mountain are the lights of thousands of homes. I have C2 in my hand to illuminate the road ahead. I am here in 2022. Happy New Year!