klarus CL2 Camping Lamp Willful Delivery

New Arrival 丨 CL2 Camping Lamp Willful Delivery

     Keruizi has always been adhering to the principle of integrity-based, user-oriented, advocating the spirit of craftsmanship, and making products well.

By collecting the needs of fans in stages, we have now developed an eye protection camping lamp that meets camping enthusiasts. It integrates the needs of battery life, atmosphere construction, lighting, mobile power supply, flashlight, carrying, fixing and other functions during camping. The CL2 is successfully launched for the majority of users.

KLARUS Outdoor Lighting
Simple button, sensitive operation
Click to adjust brightness, long press to switch mode

360° mood lighting
Lighting division lights up poetry and distance
30 lumens of brightness without glare and interference
Small night light reading books and mobile phone lighting eye protection
Light up late at night, your little partner will accompany you not alone
Watch the sunrise and sunset with you

The red light flashes  as a warning signal. The red light has a wavelength range of 620~760 nanometers. It has strong penetrating power at night and is clearly visible from hundreds of meters away, improving nighttime safety. 

* Lighting mode under the flashlight, cold light, portable and handheld, side buttons, similar to traditional flashlights.* SOS international general Morse code distress signal in three ways: 1. Sound distress signal: When encountering emergency difficulties, you can use methods such as shouting loudly, blowing the whistle or tapping on the washbasin to make a sound to attract the attention of passers-by. The standard SOS whistle signal is three short, three long and three short. 2. Light distress signal: When in danger, you can use flashlight (strobe function), mirror to reflect sunlight and other methods to flash repeatedly. The SOS flash signal is three shorts, three longs and three shorts. 3. Flag distress signal: Tie a flag or brightly-colored cloth to a wooden stick and wave it, making a long drawing on the left and a short drawing on the right, making an “8” movement

No stroboscopic hazard
Four gears to adjust the brightness and darkness
Two-color alternation is clear and not dazzling
750 lumens of warm light, bright and even and soft
High quality ABS+PC material, good color rendering
Cold light highlight 750 lumens , strong penetrating power6000K color temperature to achieve a wide range of lighting

Warm light highlights 750 lumens, clear and not dazzling


10400mAh large capacity battery
Full battery life for a weekType-C fast charging

Efficiently replenish energy

mobile phone gas station


USB output

Charge your phone anytime, anywhere,

No need to be afraid to post a circle of friends because the battery is less than 20%

Changeable body to meet multiple needs lighting
Hang as you like
Multi-angle adjustment
Universal fixed interface
Rainproof and dustproof to deal with harsh environments
An indispensable “bright spot” for the happy hour of the party
Universal tripod mount
Jingdong entrance Tmall entrance
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