XT11GTpro high-performance tactical outdoor dual-mode evaluation

KLARUS XT series tactical flashlights, from the original XT11 to XT11S, XT11GT, XT11X spanned four generations, each of which is a classic that leads the industry trend.

Now, push the limit again! KLARUS’ blockbuster new product of the year – XT11GTpro high-performance multi-purpose tactical flashlight. Brand new design, upgraded tactical double switch, one-button flashing and one-button instant lighting, Typec direct charging design and other product features have been upgraded, which are responsible for the appearance and strength.

Overall appearance upgrade

Compared with the appearance of the previous XT11 series, this time the XT11GTpro is a bold innovation, adopting the latest appearance design concept of Kerez. The unique anti-slip pattern design of the barrel is simple and elegant, and the grip is even better.

The overall length of the XT11GTpro is less than 14cm, which is also a common size for a small straight tube.

Compared with the Kerez EP10, the XT11GTpro is a small circle.

This size is very convenient for daily carrying, and it is no problem to tuck it in a pants pocket.

The barrel head stainless steel attack head, domineering and side leakage, interprets the aesthetics of restrained violence, is a personal defense and a window-breaking tool. The angular anti-roll design is very tough.

Details on the front of the barrel head, a glass full of yellow water. The lamp bead is made of CREE XHP35 HD, the barrel lens is made of coated tempered glass, and the light transmittance is very good.

TypeC direct charging port waterproof and dustproof cap, next to it is an indicator light.

XT11GTpro Logo, and product number.

The embedded stainless steel holding clip is very stable and not easy to loosen, which is convenient for daily carrying.

The barrel is made of aviation-grade aluminum, and the double-layer barrel design not only ensures the stability and efficiency of the circuit, but also greatly improves the strength of the barrel.

Close-up of the rear of the XT11GTpro, the newly upgraded fifth-generation dual-switch design on the rear, the details of double ear protection (two additional hand rope holes), reducing accidental touches, and the dual-switch slope design, the ergonomics and control experience are very good.

XT11GTpro experience

The XT11GTpro comes standard with an 18650 power battery with a capacity of 3100 mAh. Note that the positive electrode of the battery is flat, and the XT11GTpro still has certain requirements for the battery. It is recommended to use a flat 18650 battery.

XT11GTpro keeps pace with the times and adopts the popular TypeC direct charging design. It can be said that it is very convenient to charge at any time. In addition, there is a charging indicator next to the charging port, so you can know the charging status at any time.

XT11GTpro brightness settings are four gears, extremely bright 2000 lumens, high brightness 400 lumens, medium brightness 100 lumens, and bottom brightness 10 lumens. The longest range is more than 300 meters. The performance is very powerful.

In the extremely bright mode, the temperature rises very quickly after being turned on, and the heat dissipation is still good. After a period of time, the extremely bright gear will automatically downshift protection to reduce power consumption.

XT11GTpro adopts tactical/outdoor dual-mode design to meet the needs of different scenarios.

The mode switching method is also very simple. Press and hold the MODE button for five seconds, the indicator light will flash, keep pressing the MODE button, and press the main switch at the same time to complete the mode switching work.

In the tactical mode, one-key extremely bright and one-key extremely bright flashing, the strong light suppression ability is outstanding, and it wins the opportunity for its own safety and response.

In terms of operation logic, the tactical mode is completely set up close to the law enforcement tactical environment. Press the main switch lightly, and the key will be extremely bright at 2000, and release it to turn off. Press the main switch again to lock the extremely bright 2000 lumens, and then press the MODE button to quickly switch the brightness. What’s particularly good here is that when the flashlight is turned on at any brightness, long press the MODE button to flash, and release it to restore the extremely bright gear. This is the operation logic that fully considers the low-light tactical concept.

In the same way, press the MODE button, one button will flash very brightly, long press to lock the flash. As a tactical equipment controller, I personally like this tactical mode very much, and this mode is also used in daily use.

In outdoor mode, pressing the main switch is the extremely bright gear, you can switch gears through the MODE button, and long press the MODE button to enter the SOS mode.

When the flashlight is turned off, press the MODE button to light up 10 lumens, and long press to lock. This brightness is very useful for viewing documents and finding items at night.

The XT11GTpro is also very reliable and durable, and its waterproof is also the popular IPX8 level. It is not afraid of wind and rain and is competent in various harsh environments.

Fifteen hours of low temperature resistance test, everything is normal.

The XT11GTpro is also equipped with a nylon flashlight cover, which can be carried with the XT11GTpro.

The belt can be carried with the flashlight sleeve, or it can be carried on the belt with the clip.

outdoor lighting effects

Bright as day. The details of the scene are very clear.

Pedestrians in the distance, the color details of the clothes are not bad.

The lighting effect is like the headlights of a car.

final summary

XT11GTpro is a high-performance tactical and outdoor multi-purpose flashlight, dual-mode dual-switch, one key is extremely bright, one key is extremely bright and flashing, TypeC direct charging design, precise control logic, compact size, not only very portable, but also flexible with one hand Control is easy. What needs to be improved is that I personally think that the adaptation of the battery can be improved by adding the adaptation of the pointed battery, so that the battery is more versatile.