Wuben G2 new listing, quick release multi-function keychain light

Wuben G2 new listing, quick release multi-function keychain light

WUBEN Wuben Outdoor Lighting

In our life, there are always many small objects that bring us different conveniences and meet our daily needs.


Small objects such as bottle openers, lighters, and small flashlights seem small, but they are basically the core of practicality.


No matter what profession you are engaged in, when encountering various situations, the small objects that can be taken out of your pocket will have the function of solving this situation, which will definitely make you happy. The existence of small objects is like the small things in our lives. Assistant, inadvertently playing the role of “Mr. Key”.


From the market point of view, many small objects have relatively simple functions, and they cannot become important small objects in our pockets at all.


This time, “WUBEN Wuben Outdoor” launched our new product G2 to the majority of users, a quick-release multi-function keychain lamp, which can solve various daily uses such as lighting, key buckle and magnetic suction, and easily solve many problems in life .


quick release keychain


The plastic keychain is small and lightweight for quick and easy removal. As a decoration, the keychain quick release made of environmentally friendly plastic material is not only atmospheric and simple, but also environmentally friendly.


back hold clip


Quick release holding clip, travel more convenient. There are clip grooves on both sides for easy disassembly and assembly of the clip. It is convenient for the key light to be fixed on the cap, strap, collar, etc.


tail magnet


Adsorbs small artifacts, and the tail is magnetically attracted. The tail has a magnetic suction effect, which can be firmly attached to metal objects and easily free your hands, subverting the market image of key lights.


Effectively prevent loss. Meet the needs of our workshop operations, car maintenance, outdoor camping and other lighting scenarios.



wide angle lens


Lightweight construction, high quality lighting. The selection of thin and light lenses can restore the true color, and it also has a wide-angle floodlight for a wide range of lighting.

Type-c charging

Type-c direct charging, dust cover protection. Built-in 280mAh lithium polymer battery for power supply, cycle charging. It does not heat up when charging, and it is safe and durable. It can be fully charged in about 1.5 hours, and there is a dust cover at the charging port.

· (Red light charging)

· (Blue light is full)


Intuitive two-color indicator light reminder:

·C≥90% blue light on (off after 5 seconds)

90% >C≥40% blue light flashes (off after 5 seconds)

40%>C≥15% Red light on (off after 5 seconds)

·15%>C>0% red light flashing


Intelligent constant current drive. Adopt intelligent constant current circuit to achieve stable current output and keep away from stroboscopic damage.

500 lumens


Instantly bright 500 lumens, the light does not wait. Equipped with an Osram P9 lamp bead, it can instantly light up the highest lumens without delaying seconds or being slow. The lamp body is made of 6061 aviation aluminum alloy, which is scratch-resistant and drop-resistant.


5 light modes, switch at will:


·Extremely bright file·High light file·Medium light file·Low light file·Moonlight


G2 application scenarios


G2 parameter table


G2 packing list



“WUBEN Wuben Outdoor Lighting” focuses on outdoor sports lighting brands, creating high-end and high-quality LED flashlights and other products.


It is the company that is based on the principle of being practical and realistic, making products seriously, and making brands with heart. With high-quality products, innovative design and the best cost performance as the core concept and basic starting point, we will create more value for the market and customers.


Based on the service and the quality, WUBEN has gradually become a leading brand in the field of global outdoor lighting.


Focus on the fundamental, pragmatic fundamental way


It is to actually do what should be done, and to do things in the simplest way, so that the LED flashlight of WUBEN can be so outstanding and popular in the market.