That night, I became the most beautiful boy in the village —- IMALENT IMALENT MS03 flashlight

That night, I became the most beautiful boy in the village —- IMALENT IMALENT MS03 flashlight


I don’t know who said this sentence first, but a Baidu search for the phrase “I became the most beautiful boy in the village” came up with many links related to the handsome boy. I used to be the prettiest boy in the village. We all know that in rural areas, especially in mountain villages far away from cities, there are no street lights at night. There was a meeting in the village, and the lights were dark at the end. I turned on my Shanwazi domestic LED flashlight. At that moment, everyone exclaimed. In the cry, I became the most beautiful boy in the village. That night was ten years ago. That night, the LED was only 100 lumens.

A few days ago, there was a sudden rainstorm and the power outage in the factory. As I was rushing to repair the equipment, I took out my IMALENT MS03. At that time, there was another cry of exclamation. Under the amazed eyes of a group of beautiful and handsome workers, I was once again successful. The prettiest boy in the village. That night was ten years away from that night, and that night, the LED was 13,000 lumens.

Flashlights are generally used at night, and different experiences have different nights. I remember that Xie Jun had a song called that night, but it was sung for boys and girls in the cardamom age. I am not talented, so I changed a few. Sentences, write to friends in the flashlight circle, write to the businessmen of the flashlight circle, write to you, me, him who you don’t know…

Let’s take a look at the appearance of the IMALENT MS03 flashlight from three sides.


Overall overview


IMALENT MS03 is a multi-output button-type multi-function LED flashlight powered by 21700 bateries . It uses 3 CREE XHP70 LEDs, with a maximum brightness output of 13000 lumens and a maximum range of 324 meters. The barrel is made of aerospace-grade aluminum alloy. , CNC machined shell, military three-level hard anodizing treatment, double-sided coating anti-scratch optical lens , 6 brightness gears, button-type dimming, simple operation, to meet the lighting of users in various occasions. Use a single 21700, 4000mAh TYPE-C charging port to charge a lithium-ion battery as a power source. Pocket size, precise and compact design, coupled with intelligent temperature control, power monitoring, low-voltage warning reminder, low-power protection and many other intelligent designs, MS03 is more suitable for enthusiasts, and it is your daily work, adventure, search, and help. The best lighting tool to use!

Packaging and Configuration


IMALENT MS03 belongs to gift box packaging. The main color is black, and the front is the picture of the protagonist’s flashlight.


On the back is the English description of the flashlight and several important parameters, as well as the business website, safety and environmental protection certification.


The overall design is fashionable, atmospheric, and tasteful, and it is really thoughtful. The details are also considered very thoughtful, and the black ribbon and the embellishment design of the pull-out bobbin are intimate and in place. The lining of the box is also made of cardboard and foam plastic, which is simple and environmentally friendly and full of taste. There is an accessory box on the side.


After unpacking, you can see the protagonist of this article, an IMALENT MS03 flashlight, an original 21700, 4000mAh lithium battery , a USB charging cable, two sealing rubber rings, a manual, a hand rope, and a flashlight cover. The workmanship of this flashlight cover is really good, the size is suitable and the workmanship is fine. The side of the flashlight cover has the Emmental LOGO, and the back is designed with hanging holes and canvas Velcro for hanging and other wearing methods.


illustrate in detail

When MS03 was first received, the lens was protected by a plastic film, reminding the user to remove the plastic film before using it for the first time. And the edge of the film is marked with red marks, so please give a thumbs up.


The general information of this flashlight is on the plane of the tail cover. Through the picture below, you can clearly see the laser printed logo, product name, model, battery used and maximum luminous flux on the tail plane.


When using this flashlight for the first time, please pay attention to twisting the tail cover counterclockwise. You can see that the manufacturer has carefully placed a plastic insulating sheet on the negative pole of the battery tail. This insulating sheet can better protect the flashlight circuit during transportation and storage. There will be no accident due to mistaken lighting, and the insulating sheet can be put in if it is not used at home for a short time.


There are fine knurling at the opening and closing positions where the fingers of the tail touch. The knurling can increase the friction force, and the tail cover can be easily twisted when replacing the battery. There is no rope hole at the tail, and the rope hole is on the head, but this flashlight has an original holding clip, so this head rope hole can be used or not.


In the figure below, you can see the oxidized thread in the tail cap and the conductive contact surface of the end face, and you can see the gold-plated spring at the tail.


The tail thread is very long, and it takes many turns to tighten or remove it. There is a section at the front end of the thread without a thread, which is a contact surface reserved for end surface conduction to prevent wear and tear from being long enough.


The white cut surface of the middle cylinder is the conductive contact surface of the end surface. The conductive end surface is generally designed with a slightly longer thread, mainly to cope with daily wear and tear. If the flashlight with conductive end face is afraid of being lit by mistake, turn the tail cover of the flashlight half a turn counterclockwise, and the flashlight cannot be lit. However, when using a flashlight with conductive ends, the thread must be tightened.


There are a total of two hand rope holes on each side of the barrel body on the cooling fins. The design is relatively hidden, and you can’t see it if you don’t pay attention. The heat dissipation fin where the hand rope hole is located belongs to a plane, which can effectively prevent the flashlight from rolling when placed.


The stainless steel buttons on the head are relatively large, feel good, and operate lightly, crisply, and have a click sound.


The buttons are just in the palm holding position, which is ergonomic and will not feel uncomfortable when operating.


There is a battery indicator under the stainless steel button, and the indicator can be turned on and off. The design is more user-friendly, if the indicator light flashes or even turns red, please charge it in time.


3 CREE XHP70 LEDs, the workmanship is good, the position of the lamp post is centered, and there is no skew or even crooked situation.


The strobe is to look at the screen of another appliance in the screen of one appliance, and the screen of the other appliance will have a bright line moving from the bottom of the screen to the top, and then appearing from the bottom. soendlessGoing down, it gives us the feeling that the image is flickering. Some LED lamps may have serious “flicker” problems. Long-term exposure to this environment can cause headaches and eye fatigue, photosensitive epilepsy, vision loss and distraction.

The circuit of this IMALENT MS03 flashlight is well optimized, and there is no strobe in low light.


The configured battery is a battery with direct charging function, and the charging port is a TYPE-C charging port, which is a blind socket, which is easy to operate regardless of the situation.


Test articles

size and weight


The official size of the IMALENT MS03 flashlight is 110 mm in length, 36 mm in head diameter, 27 mm in tail diameter, and weighs 115 grams (without battery). The actual test is as follows. Due to the differences in the level of each measurer and the accuracy of the equipment used, there may be discrepancies with the official data. All the data in the following pictures are for production testing only.



temperature rise test

The following picture is a simple test of the heat dissipation performance of this IMALENT MS03 flashlight entering 13000 lumens using a high temperature fast electronic thermometer. The indoor ambient temperature during the test is 30.8 degrees Celsius, no wind, static, and the test time is 10 minutes. Since the test is affected by the room temperature, the location of the test environment and the level of the tester, the data may have errors. The following chart data is for reference only.


Illumination and endurance test

Regarding the illuminance, due to the differences in the level of each measurer, the accuracy of the equipment used, and the differences in time and location, there may be discrepancies with the official data. All the data in the following pictures are for production reference only. The illuminance meter is a GM1020 high-precision digital illuminance meter, the vertical distance is 1 meter from the IMALENT MS03 flashlight, and the data is 1 data every 6 seconds. The configured 4000mAh 21700 battery is used during the test.


As can be seen from the above picture, the flashlight completes a downshift action at about 36 seconds in serial number 6, and another small downshift in the next 10 minutes. Until 67 minutes, the flashlight was automatically turned off, and the whole process ran for 67 minutes. Due to different regional temperatures and different test environments, there was a slight error with the official data of 70 minutes.

water-proof test

The IMALENT MS03 flashlight introduces waterproof IPX8, the standard is 2 meters underwater. For this flashlight, the key to waterproofing is the sealing of the side button. After the test, each component works normally, and no abnormality is found.



simple night shot

The diameter of the head of the IMALENT MS03 flashlight is 36 mm, which belongs to the type of small and medium head, and three CREE XHP70 LEDs are squeezed in at the same time. As far as the type of illumination is definitely large floodlight, the following pictures are taken outdoors. Because it has just rained and it is cloudy, the pictures are not so bright.



simple summary


This IMALENT MS03 flashlight is a multi-output rechargeable button-type multi-function LED flashlight, high lumens, 21700 fashion trend, basically a type favored by enthusiasts, in addition, pocket size, easy to carry, as a work , exploration, search, and help are really good for daily use!