More and more stable, klarus HR1 off-road headlight

More and more stable, klarus HR1 off-road headlight

Headlamps are a must-have for outdoor travel because they can free your hands and are more convenient to use in outdoor activities. For off-road activities, if the duration is long and you need to cross the night, the stable lighting of the headlamps is particularly important. , At the same time, because off-roading is different from outdoor hiking and hiking, the traveling speed is fast and the shaking is large, and the requirements for headlights are higher and more targeted. It is necessary to ensure the visible range of illumination, but also be stable enough, and at the same time, it needs to have a long enough battery life.


The klarus HR1 off-road headlight includes three models: flagship, professional and standard. The flagship model is equipped with PP20 battery box and 2000mAh lithium battery , the professional model is equipped with B33A battery box and 1200mAh lithium battery, and the standard model is equipped with B33A battery box and 3*AAA battery. The word “Pro” on the box indicates that this model is a professional HR1 headlight, which can reach a maximum luminous flux of 400 lumens, 19.5 hours of battery life, and product information such as lamp holder, lamp belt, wearing, and charging, which is clear at a glance.



The headlight comes standard with headlight, B33A battery box (including 1200mAh lithium battery), headlight belt, USB charging cable, and manual.


The lamp head is the main body of a headlamp. The lamp head is designed with 3 LED lights for high beam, low beam and red light. At first glance, it looks like three cakes in mahjong. Among them, the high beam adopts CREE XP-G2 white LED, and the low beam is used. The lamp adopts CREE XP-G2 warm light LED.


white light close tosunLight, the penetrating power is stronger, giving people a stronger bright feeling, used for high beams, and the long-distance lighting effect is better when used outdoors. The following two pictures show the comparison between the high beam of white light and the low beam of warm light. From the illuminated clothes, it can be seen that the white light as the high beam is brighter.



The lamp head is very small, and the overall size is about the same size as the “flagger” chapter. The body is only 18mm ultra-slim, and the lamp head (including a certain headlight strip and supported by it) weighs only 26.8g.


The lamp head is fixedly connected with the headlight belt and the power supply wire. The power supply wire drawn from the lamp head is stitched and reinforced with woven cloth, and the standard wire clip is used to fix the power supply wire.


The battery box is detachable, which is also the difference between the flagship, professional and standard models of the headlight. The professional battery box contains a 1200mAh lithium battery and weighs 45.3g, which is less than twice the weight of the lamp head, forming a relatively good front and rear weight. Balanced effect, which is also one of the designs of this headlight for positioning off-road headlights. During the experience, the running stability is very good. There is neither a “top-heavy” front-slung feeling, nor an obvious up-and-down feeling.


The lamp head can be adjusted within about 45 degrees through the clamping teeth, which is suitable for adjustment of different lighting angles during travel. I do not know how the service life of the clamping teeth will be adjusted frequently up and down, and it needs to be tested for long-term use.


The B33A battery box of the Pro version HR1 headlight is equipped with LB12 1200mAh lithium battery. The battery is directly charged through the micro USB interface. The indicator light on the battery is red when charging, and green when fully charged.


The battery box is compatible with 3 AAA batteries, and is suitable for trail running races within 50 kilometers like the 1200mAh lithium battery. The battery box is opened with an elastic waterproof rubber ring to realize the waterproof function of the battery box.


The sealing of the lamp head, the sealing of the battery box and the soft sealing connection between the battery box and the power supply line, the HR1 headlight can reach IPX6 level dustproof and waterproof. It can be seen that there is no problem with off-road use in case of rainy weather.


The power supply line of the lamp head adopts Type-C interface, which has strong versatility. It can be connected to B33A battery box with 1200mAh lithium battery as the professional version, with 3*AAA batteries as the standard version, and can also be connected to PP20 battery box with 2000mAh lithium battery as the flagship version , and even by directly connecting the power ank to achieve “unlimited” battery life, no matter what kind of battery power supply, the battery life is still guaranteed. In the professional version, when the headlight is turned off, quickly press the power button for 3 times, and the remaining power can be judged by the number of flashes of the red light. Among them, the remaining power is 70-100% after 4 flashes, 30-70% remaining after 3 flashes, and 2 flashes. 10-30% battery left, flash 1 time and less than 10% battery left.


From the illumination of the three light sources with different brightness, it can be seen that the high beam belongs to white light, and the low beam belongs to warm light. Whether it is high beam or low beam, when the switching gear changes from high brightness to low brightness, the visible range is reduced or Obviously, of course, the visible range of red light is smaller, which is suitable for closer use, and whether it is white light, warm light or red light, it is highly recognized outdoors.

There are two main and auxiliary buttons on the HR1 lamp head. The main button can realize power-on and gear switching, and the auxiliary button can realize the switching of high beam, low beam and mixed light.

By comparing the switching effects of the two groups of far, near, far and near mixed light, it can be seen that the high beam is more focused, so it can illuminate a longer distance, and the low beam is more general and can illuminate a wider range, while switching to the far and near mixed light state , the field of view is the widest and the brightness is greater.

After many times of wearing and running in the experience, the elastic headlight belt and the elastic pad on the inside of the lamp head provide high wearing comfort and a good front-to-rear weight ratio. There is neither a “top-heavy” forward-sagging feeling, nor an obvious up-and-down shaking feeling, which is suitable for off-roading. stable lighting needs.




The klarus HR1 off-road headlight is light in weight and comfortable to wear, with a balanced weight ratio between the head and battery, strong off-road wearing stability, adjustable lighting brightness in multiple gears, suitable for different use environments, HR1 professional version is equipped with 1200mAh lithium battery compatible with AAA battery life Reliable, equipped with Type-C power supply interface, compatible with power bank to expand the battery life, the battery life is guaranteed, IPX6 grade dustproof and waterproof, suitable for outdoor activities and even off-road use, the main and auxiliary switches are easy to control, and has the function of gear memory and locking.