How about the Klarus Xt21x Tactical Glare Flashlight

How about the Klarus Xt21x Tactical Glare Flashlight

It’s not a day or two to pay attention to the Kerez XT21X tactical flashlight! Because the XT21X is the first single-cell 21700 battery designed with a 5000mAh 4000lumen strong light flashlight on the market, it can effectively deal with the green laser used by the demonstrators at night to illuminate the eyes, and can also use strong light and strobe. To deter demonstrators, let the crowd’s activities consciously limit within the legal range.

At present, Kerritz XT21X tactical flashlight has become the designated equipment of the Hong Kong Police Athlon Squad

For flashlight enthusiasts, the heart is excited. When the technology continues to break through and stand out in the same type of flashlight, I can’t help but want to play it and study it. It can be said that it is full of joy and novelty. If you are also interested in it, you might as well sit down and chat.

Tactical style outer box, both handsome and cool

Torch body and accessories (torch case, 1*5000mAh21700 battery, hand strap, charging cable, spare silicone waterproof ring and manual)

The XT21X has a total length of 160mm (about 10cm longer than the signature pen). The surface is treated with black three-level military-standard oxidation treatment. It is made of aluminum alloy. The overall color is matte.

The lamp head is the core part of the XT21X, the external protection is made of stainless steel, and the attack head is a gear-shaped concave-convex design.

The light source adopts XPH 70.2 6500k white light bead from CREE company, and you can see the middle cross line division. The yellow color of the lamp beads is projected onto the reflective cup, and the cup is full of golden yellow, which should be the favorite color of flashlight enthusiasts.

The reflector cup is deep, which makes the flashlight have a good condensing effect, and the lampshade adopts a coated tempered anti-reflection film optical anti-scratch lens, which improves the light transmittance.

The XT21X is equipped with a KLARUS original 15A 21700 lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 5000mAh. That is to say, with the support of such a large-capacity power supply, the light flux of 4000lm is achieved, and the strong are invincible.

There are HOT anti-scalding and flashlight identification codes on the outside of the lamp head. This code is an important basis for later service. By the way, Keruidz XT21X enjoys life-long maintenance services. Under normal use within 5 years, if there is a quality problem, you can enjoy free maintenance Service, beyond 5 years, maintenance is charged for necessary materials.

There is a MODE function key on the outside of the barrel, and the outer ring is an LED light for power display. At this time, the display is red, indicating that the remaining power is less than 30%. In addition, green indicates that the remaining power is 70%-100%, and orange indicates that the remaining power is 30%-70%; if it flashes red, it indicates that the remaining power is 10%.

The opposite end of the MODE function key is a USB charging port with a waterproof cover. After opening, the XT21X can be directly charged. The XT21X adopts 2A high-current USB fast charging. The LED displays red when charging, green when fully charged, and yellow when charging is abnormal.

For high-power flashlights, heat dissipation is a major technical problem that needs to be overcome. The barrel type tactical flashlight, the brighter the light, the higher the heat generated by the light, and the higher the heat dissipation technology that needs to be solved. The XT21X adopts the ITS intelligent temperature control system, which can automatically adjust the output brightness according to the temperature of the flashlight to protect the LED and internal circuits. At the same time, heat dissipation fins are set on both sides of the MODE button, which can also play a role in local heat dissipation.

The barrel has the LOGO of KLARUS and XT21X

The anti-skid pattern of the XT21X barrel is thinner and denser, and the barrel can be equipped with a holding clip, which is convenient and prevents falling when carrying.

The tail end is the power switch key and the flashing flash key, and the two sides are surrounded by metal arc-shaped protrusions, which can prevent the keys from being opened by accident.

One of the sides has a round hole for threading the bracelet.

The positive electrode in the tail cap is designed with gold-plated double springs. The material selection and structure design are aimed at reducing resistance and circuit voltage drop, so that the battery can release its energy to the maximum extent.

XT21X reaches IPX8 waterproof level, it can be used normally within 2M water depth, generally no more than 30 minutes. Therefore, corresponding to the rain and snow weather in the conventional environment, the waterproof effect is of course a lever drop.

The flashlight cover is made of nylon, and there is a card holder at the bottom. The card holder of the XT21X can be directly placed in the card holder to prevent it from shaking during running.

In addition to strobe and SOS modes, the XT21X contains five brightness modes, the above are extreme brightness 4000lm, high brightness 1200lm, medium brightness 400lm, low brightness 100lm, and moonlight 5lm

How about the tactical performance and outdoor use?

Flashlights are a must-have for military and police training and tactical activities in low-light environments. Many people are struggling to find a handy package, because its role is really crucial. Let’s talk about the relationship between flashlights and low-light tactics.

The use of tactical flashlights needs to be discussed in conjunction with the relationship with low-light tactics. Human vision can be divided into photopic vision, excessive vision and scotopic vision. From the perspective of low-light tactics, scotopic vision is more important than bright vision. Because in the case of scotopic vision, the contrast sensitivity of visual acuity decreases, the visual field decreases, the spatial perception decreases, and the responsiveness and judgment are decreased.

Therefore, in an objective environment, how to turn passive into active, that is, to effectively use tactical flashlights, is an important part of the study of low-light tactics. Let’s take a look at its tactical performance first.

The silicone tactical switch and metal MODE switch at the rear are more commonly used in tactical activities. The thumb can control the tactical switch key and the MODE key at the same time. Because the key position, material and shape are different, it is easy to distinguish. Pressing the tactical switch again will turn on the always-on mode, and pressing it lightly will turn on the light-on mode.

In low-light tactics, the use of darkness and light is an important part of low-light tactics. The skillful use of flashlights and the use of flashlight lighting modes to find targets without exposing the targets are one of the important contents of low-light tactical training. one.

mobile burst

The flash mode is 4000lm. This mode is a common irradiation mode in low-light tactics. The flash may cause the IOP and blood pressure of the irradiation target to increase in an instant, and even cause seizures in epilepsy patients. Therefore, training needs to be done. Avoid prolonged exposure.

When the XT21X is turned off, press the MODE button to enter the strobe mode, and press and hold it for more than two seconds to lock the strobe mode. In the power-on state, in any gear, long press the MODE button to switch to strobe mode, and let go to restore the original gear. If it exceeds two seconds, the strobe mode will be locked directly; click MODE to achieve extremely bright-high-brightness-medium Bright-moon mode cycle.

Hold the flashlight with the backhand, hold the gesture\next to the sleeve, and use the thumb to control the switch. Both the flashlight and the weapon are well manoeuvrable. In extreme bright mode, the XT21X can have a range of up to 316 meters. Such excellent tactical performance has been favored by the “Athlon Squad” Sirs.

Of course, if it is ordinary law enforcement activities or general outdoor lighting, it usually takes longer to illuminate, and forehand holding is more common. The side buttons of the XT21X are specially designed for ordinary law enforcement activities and outdoor use. In this type of use requirements, the side buttons are the most direct and convenient design.

From this point of view, the XT21X can be described as a product with online appearance and strength. That’s right, after testing it, there is another layer of joy. It can meet the diverse needs of users. It is a classic equipment in tactical activities, but it is not limited. It can also be a good partner in the outdoors. How can such a flashlight be used? can not love?

Let’s talk about the XT21X here for now, and finally give a thumbs up to this bobbin and its designers.