The hardcore movie “Captain Everest” was officially released, and Fenix ​​gave away movie tickets and the same headlights as the captain


​​On July 2, 2022 “Everest Captain” truly records the deeds of Captain Sula Wangping leading a Chinese folk mountaineering team composed of ordinary people to reach the top of the world from the southern slope of Mount Everest in 2019. During this period, Fenix ​​Mobile Lighting helped high-altitude climbers bravely pursue their dreams with professional mobile lighting equipment, providing them with highly reliable and stable mobile lighting tools.

After more than 40 days of difficult climbing, this team reached the top of the world from the southern slope of Mount Everest. This journey was completely photographed by Captain Sula Wangping and his team members. They also created several records: the first time to use a drone to shoot the whole process, and the complete presentation of the climbing process; the first time to complete the aerial photography of the drone taking off at an altitude of more than 8,000 meters.


There are a lot of aerial shots, and the climbers are also the photographers. The ice and snow when looking up are exceptionally beautiful, and the glacier cracks and abyss when looking down are terrifying; the sea of ​​clouds on the Half Ridge Peak is surging, the glacial lake on the east slope of Mount Everest is glistening… ..

The same headlight in the Everest Captain movie – Fenix ​​HL18R witnessed Captain Sula Wangping leading the group to realize the dream of Mount Everest. During the climb to Mount Everest, there was such a small story: at 9 o’clock in the evening from the camp at an altitude of 8,000 meters We set off for the summit and returned to the camp at 10:00 the next day. During this period, the HL18R used by Captain Sula Wangping was always on. He forgot to turn it off at night. When he woke up the next morning, the headlight was still on.


Sula Wangping comes from a small village at the foot of San’ao Snow Mountain in Heishui County, Aba Prefecture, Sichuan Province, and is a child in the mountains. By coincidence, Sulla Wangping participated in the mountaineering trip of Sun Bin and others in San’ao Snow Mountain as a back-up worker. After two years of mountaineering cooperation, he gradually explored his own technical system and established Sichuan Tibetan team. In 2019, he led a civilian mountaineering team composed of ordinary people to successfully reach the summit of Mount Everest, and recorded the whole process with the camera.

Fenix ​​HL18R Captain Everest movie with the same headlight

What kind of people are these eight team members who have completed the climb to Mount Everest? They have common names, come from all walks of life, some are the pillars of the family, some are professional white-collar workers, some are business operators…Eight of them have their own “Mount Everest”, in professional mountain guides, Sula Wangping Under the leadership of the captain, they embarked on the long-awaited road to climb Mount Everest.

They took professional equipment to the backpacker paradise Nepal, the horror glacier-Khumbu glacier, to the Lhotse Wall with a slope of more than 85 degrees, to the Hillary Steps of the “last 12-meter sprint”, until the top of the world… . There are dangers and dangers along the way.

Maybe we have no plans to climb Mount Everest in our whole life, but we can immersely experience the whole process of Captain Sula Wangping and his team climbing Mount Everest in a harsh environment in the cinema.

Some viewers commented: “This is a movie worth watching”, “Crying while watching”, “Listening to the breathing in the film and watching the team members wearing crampons through the cracks in the ice, my palms are sweating with tension” .

Fenix ​​has always adhered to the brand mission of “Born for Harsh Environments”, providing users with highly reliable and stable mobile lighting tools, without fear of the long dark night, to light up the extraordinary journey of ordinary people. As the mobile lighting brand sponsor of the movie “Captain Everest”, Fenix ​​invites you to walk into the cinema, follow the camera and experience the Mount Everest climbing scene immersively. Together with this group of ordinary people, we will witness that ordinary people also have extraordinary lives. .

Welfare at the end of the article

You want to see the “Captain Everest” movie, Fenix ​​will pay for it, and the captain will give away the same headlight as a gift!


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