New arrivals | Fenix ​​HT30R white laser flashlight, 1500 meters long-range

​​As we all know

After Fenix ​​launched the TK30 white laser flashlight, it has received support from many friends. Now, we are about to launch the second white laser flashlight of the Fenix ​​family – HT30R, with a brightness of 500 lumens and a range of 1500 meters! Let’s take a look with Xiaofei!


1500-meter long-range shot


Fenix ​​HT30R uses a white laser light source , which can emit 500 lumens of broad-spectrum white light with a spectrum similar to that of LEDs. It not only retains the high collimation characteristics of the laser, but also eliminates the hazards of monochromatic lasers. It is safe and reliable ( laser class Class 1 ). The brightness of HT30R is only 500 lumens, but its range can reach 1500 meters . It has a super focused beam, whether it is remote positioning signal transmission , or target locking and precise strike , it can handle it with ease. search efficiency.


The powerful flashlight function also needs a battery with excellent performance. The HT30R comes standard with a Fenix ​​ARB-L21-5000 V2.0 large-capacity battery to ensure long-lasting battery life. In the 100-lumen low-brightness mode, the HT30R can last for 7 hours and 15 minutes .


Double tail press design, instant response


The HT30R adopts a tactical double-tail button design. The big button is a tactical switch, light touch is on, and a heavy press is on for a long time; the small button is a function switch. In any state of the flashlight, long press one button to flash, and it will go out when you let go. Click Shift. And its tail button position is obvious, even in a dark environment, you can quickly find the switch, it will turn on at the touch of a button, and the operation is simple, meeting the needs of quick response and efficient decision-making .


Hidden TYPE-C charging port, practical and beautiful


The HT30R adopts a knob – hidden TYPE-C charging method, which can not only ensure waterproofness, but also prevent sand and dust from entering the flashlight when tightened, ensuring practicality and beauty at the same time. There is a power indicator on the left side of the charging interface , which can display the real-time power of the battery, so that you can know what to do.


In addition, it is also compatible with a variety of accessories , such as Fenix ​​AOT-M traffic stick, ALG-16 quick release flashlight clip, ALG-00 gun clip, etc., to meet the needs of multiple scenarios such as traffic order and long weapons use .


Professional protection for harsh environments

The HT30R body is made of A6061-T6 aluminum alloy, (A6061-T6 is a high-quality aluminum alloy product produced by heat treatment and pre-stretching process, which is widely used in aerospace, ships, subway transportation, communications, electronics and precision instruments. and other fields), after a 1.5-meter drop test with six


In addition, the internal battery compartment of the HT30R adopts a double-spring structure design. The spring and the battery always keep elastic fit, effectively resisting external impact and avoiding instantaneous power failure.


The protection level of HT30R can reach IP68 , which completely prevents dust and mud from entering, and is not affected by rainy days or humid environments.