20,000 lumens ultra-bright hand-held flashlight TM20K one-button daylight, rivals the sun!

20,000 lumens ultra-bright hand-held flashlight TM20K one-button daylight, rivals the sun!

TM20K is newly equipped with 19 CREE XP-L2 LEDs , which instantly burst out 20,000 lumens of super-powerful brightness, with a light intensity of up to 22,200 candela, and a precise long-range distance of 290 meters, sweeping the darkness. The TM20K has a flat body design, compact and compact, giving you a 10,000-level lumen experience. Made of aerospace-grade aluminum alloy combined with one-piece molding technology, it is light and strong, with excellent heat dissipation, lighter, more stable and more durable! The shocking strong light can be used in various dark scenes such as outdoor search, industrial search, self-defense, rescue search and rescue, and indoor search.

TM20K adopts an innovative control system – a multi-mode quick switching device, which can freely switch between three modes: lock, daily, and tactical. The large-area metal main switch is within easy reach; the metal shift side buttons can adjust the brightness of four gears, as well as spotlight and floodlight. The tail parallel tactical switch is specially designed for tactical applications and can be flexibly controlled by both hands without being bound by usage habits.


Because of this, TM20K can trigger the instant flash STROBE READY ™ necessary for tactical response and support one-key strong light suppression TURBO READY ™ , quickly enter 20,000 lumens, and fit the duty use scene, instantly suppress and interfere with the enemy.


Built-in 9600mAh large-capacity 21700 rechargeable lithium battery, the power is full of explosive power! 320 lumens energy-saving gear, 13 hours of long-lasting battery life without fear of the dark night. With USB-C direct charging, the interface is universal and convenient; it supports QC fast charging to be fully charged in 4.5 hours.

TM20K is fully and efficiently dissipated from the inside out: built-in ATR temperature control module; CNC integrated molding to enhance heat dissipation; lightweight aerospace-grade aluminum alloy with excellent thermal conductivity; lamp head heat dissipation fin design, excellent heat dissipation.

The barrel body DPC clip can be attached to the backpack, pocket or MOLLE system at will, which is convenient for storage and carrying. Standard magnetic hard flashlight cover, better protection of the flashlight. Hard core strikes, reaching IP68 protection level, without fear of various complex and changeable harsh environments. For more information